Self-Paced Kits "DIY"

Date of 04/04/16

When you write a proposal using Proposal Kit you are using a winning formula refined over two decades and used by hundreds of thousands of businesses world-wide.

It's All About Trust - Winning Business Proposals by First Winning Trust Anyone can slap together a simple price quote and a cover letter...
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Date of 02/03/16

The Fast & Affordable Way to Getting Your GSA Schedule
You want to get a GSA Schedule... but it seems too complicated... and consultants are too expensive. Until now, you've only had a few options... 
- Do it yourself and get confused and worst yet, get rejected.
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Date of 15/06/16


How to Write a Proposal and Close the Sale with an Accurate Quote:

Business proposal writing is made fast and easy with sample business proposals, templates, contracts and proposal software. Proposal Kit is easy, customizable, proven, and downloadable now!  Proposal kit 


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