Bud King - Financial Advisor


Bud King has been in the financial planning industry for over 27 years and spent the last 5 years consulting families & business owners. Bud has been responsible for developing, implementing, marketing and recruiting for several financial services companies.

Bud spent 8 years with World Marketing Alliance, which is an international financial services corporation, where he refined many of his skills as a senior financial advisor and quickly became one of their branch managers. When the company sold out to Aegon Inc., he moved to the new company World Financial Group. He was one of the first branch managers for the new company in Washington State. While with both companies, Bud was responsible for recruiting and training professionals in the fields of insurance, securities, mortgages, and debt management.

Bud was also a Branch Manager for WMA Securities, World Group Securities, and Ameritas Investment Group.

He has been a branch manager for several mortgage brokers and banks. A+ Mortgage operations center Tukwila WA., Community Lending Bank of Morgan Hill CA. Just to name a few.

His expertise is sought by financial institutions in western Washington as a management consultant and to help establish and train networks of loan officers. Bud started in 1978 recruiting and training new sales and marketing people. As a company top performer, he was responsible for managing a network of over 400 agents covering a 16 state region.