Career Oppourtunities

WACommerce Consulting Service is seeking talented individuals who have experience with government contracting, accounting and auditing services, to include talented people from all different backgrounds. You don't necessarily need a business background to begin a consulting career with us. We look for high achievers from all fields—those who possess a genuine thirst for knowledge, a desire to push their individual boundaries, and an enthusiasm to help the small business community with creative solutions.

Our Goal is to Help Businesses Keep Local Dollars Local

Our team has been built from talented individuals from a variety industries and walks of life. As a consultant working in the government market space, we are part of an industry that isn’t going away. Federal and State Governments are the largest consumers of products and services regardless of the economy.

We are looking for talented individuals in business development, marketing, administration and processing.

Experienced Professionals Wanted!

Immediate Opportunities for Licensed Individuals are Available with our financial division for the following areas positions are limited;if you are a professional in one of the following categories please use the “ADVISOR” link below to make contact directly with our associate management team.

  • Commercial & Residential Real Estate Agents
  • Commercial Lending Advisors
  • Insurance Agents
  • Business Development Specialist

Advisor Connection

Consultant Opportunities available for the following

  • Veterans with contracting experience
  • Proposal Writers
  • Regulatory Specialist (FAR)
  • Contracting Officers
  • Purchase Card managers
  • Contracting Specialist
  • Procurement Officers
  • Marketing Specialist

To apply send a resume to:

*WACommerce is currently seeking a local source for "Accounting Services" well versed in The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) with a successful track record working with businesses.

If interested or know of a potential firm please contact our office.