Daniel Moffett - Proposal Management/Meditation


Dan Moffett is an effective leader and advisor on proposal development and varied topic areas to help organizations and team members to be successful. Focus on analyzing, creating, planning, and managing the delivery of services and support beyond requirements and within resource limitations. Comfortable with start-up enterprises. Background in Government Civilian Service, Contractor Employee, and Military Service.

Direct the delivery and accountability of services and support from multiple contract vehicles. Communicated doctrinal, informational, and management coordination actions for the re-organization of Army units at JBLM. Coordinated the pre-deployment delivery of more than $50 million of new equipment to Army units.

Successful Army Commander, directed, planned, and subject matter expert at all levels of military organizations. Career focus exceeding standards for designing, activating, preparing, and mobilizing military units. Supervised annual budgets exceeding $5 million with 100% accountability.


Army Command and General Staff College
MBA, Touro University International
BA, Public Interest Mgmt, The Evergreen State College
Contracting Officer Representative – Defense Acquisition University

Certified Mediator

Mediation is a voluntary, collaborative process in which one or more impartial mediators facilitate the communication between disputing parties in order to resolve the conflict.

Unlike arbitration or litigation, where one side “wins” and the other side “loses,” the goal of mediation is to help the disputing parties come to an agreement that satisfies everyone.

Dan supports WACommerce with several mediation and facilitation services to address all types of conflict offering innovative, cost-effective methods to settle disputes throughout the Pacific Northwest.