Gary Burkhart - VP Marketing / Biz Development


Gary Burkhart, Co-founder and Marketing Officer - formally CMO/ DennisonMast – Web Applications / Business Consultant – Gary has provided Sales and eCommerce Solutions & Business Consulting for over 10 years. First as an Entrepreneur in 1995 he setup and established 2 successful companies in Washington and sold them to spend more time with his family before joining Kenn to startup WACommerce.

Dissatisfied with what he called the easy life, in 1998 he was selected by Zones, Inc. and later by Softmart, Inc. to lead teams of executives and be responsible for a $40 million dollar budget. He quickly excelled in these positions increasing corporate sales dramatically. Through steadfast leadership over those years, by 2003 Gary became CEO and Founder of DennisonMast which provides business development and consulting services in sales & marketing, staff training, employee recognition, retention programs, ecommerce and web based solutions.

Mr. Burkhart has been recognized by senior management of several organizations for his business development methodology, skills and techniques. Gary will be consulting on marketing best practices, business development techniques and providing a value added service to WACommerce.

Gary's knowledge, experience and contribution to WACommerce has been invaluable with his perspective from the small business owner in mind. The Concept of WACommerce was the vision of both Kenn & Gary as they watched large contracts in the local area awarded to “Out of State” companies and many of their colleagues were either not aware the contract existed or were unaware of how to bid on government contracts…  Co-founders Kenn & Gary decided to attack the issue and help business owners from two perspectives;

(1) with nearly every government contract awarded there are subcontracts, and/or supplying products or services opportunities.

(2) Helping businesses identify as many opportunities as possible from one central location and supporting businesses with education, software solutions and coaching to help secure more contracts for local & regional businesses.