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Step 8: Market to Government Agencies


Develop an SOQ - Statement of Qualifications - better known as a "Capability Statement" to Market Directly with Government Agencies

Many government agencies maintain a list of vendors to meet their buying needs. Complete vendor applications for the government agencies with which you are interested in pursuing work, then market directly to the buyers and small business advocates. The most effective marketing tool is a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ), or Capability Statement (CS) which operates as a resume for your business.

This is similar to your resume when looking for a job, government agancies need to understand your business in a single document which replaces your brochures and sales materials which you can provide upon request.

What to Include in your SOQ/CS:

  • Small Business Certifications/Designations
  • Products & Services/ Capabilities
  • Company Logo
  • Executive Summary
  • NAICS & SIC Codes
  • Key Personnel
  • Core Competencies
  • Project Descriptions/Past Performance
  • References
  • Contact Information

Stand out Among your Competitors

Government Agencies don't buy products and services people do.... Contracting Officers, Contract Specialists and Purchase card holders are usually overwhelmed with reviewing the various stacks of proposals for contracts they are required to manage or in the process of writing, reviewing or finalizing Request for Proposal-RFP's or Request for Quotes-RFQ's so their initial research to investigation on vendors is done on the web in most cases before you even know they are looking. So a user friendly website and all the features listed from our GovMarket & Sales Training, solid Capability Statement and in many cases a video for your business to help you make a good first impression. We suggest developing a strong Capability Statement similar to the example below. We provide two (2) additional tools which can assist you in marketing you & your business.

  • We provide a self-paced Government Marketing & Sales Training Program called "OneStep" which can effectively help you market your business to Government Agencies.
  • Video content is viewed 64% more then text or photos across the web & in social media so to enhance your Capability Statement we provide a powerful business video to visually market you business to those agencies.

    Example Capability Statement

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