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Government Contracting Introduction

Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Government Contractor?

Your business should have certain resources, finances, equipment, and computer skills in order to do business with the government. In addition, your business must meet the definition of a small business for purposes of special government contracting programs.

Can Your Business Handle a Government Contract?

One question that often plagues small business owners at the start is," Is my business big enough to handle a government contract?" Actually, there are many companies with fewer than five employees that have received a contract. In fact, some companies that have only one person in their entire operation have been awarded a contract. In one case, it kept the owner busy for an entire year and amounted to his total year's salary!

Characteristics of successful government contractors. Size is not necessarily important. Just about any business, regardless of size, has the potential to get a contract with the government. But which companies stand the best chance of actually getting a contract? The answer is simple; any business that sells a product or service and is:

  • responsible
  • competitive
  • patient in dealing with the bureaucratic process
  • committed to invest and apply the resources that are needed to market to the government
  • technologically proficient and adaptable to new business models

The next question you may be asking yourself is that while you may not be a big business, are you considered a small business for government contracting purposes?

Am I a Small Business?
Getting Started

The Big Picture - The Genesis of Wacommerce contract resource platform & consulting services

The Facts:

  • The United States GDP in 2011 was approximately $15.9 trillion.
  • The number of governments in the U.S. in 2012 was 89,004 according to U.S. Census Bureau.
  • Federal government spending in the U.S. increased from 7% of GDP in 1902 to 35% of GDP in 2010.
  • State and local government spending increased to $3.1 trillion in 2010 or 20% of the U.S. GDP.
  • Local governments derive 75% to 85% of their inflows from the "big three" or sales, property and personal income tax.
  • The federal, state and local governments in the U.S. spend approximately 55% of the GDP.

Bottom Line

  • Governments are the biggest customers/consumers in the United States.
  • Local businesses need access to local, state and federal government contracts.
  • It is not just a domestic trend but a global trend in the more developed countries.
  • This includes public-private sector transactions as well as federated transactions.
  • Big governments indirectly buy from small governments via private sector contracting.
  • Local business roots must run deep and wide through local, state and federal governments to grow and diversify.

Reality Check

Local governments must focus on growing, diversifying and innovating their local private sectors to maximize inflows, promote stability, grow their tax base and create a climate that attracts and retains businesses.

In the information age, the ability to instantly mine data, produce analytics, create economic intelligence, and leverage technology to make sound decisions is critical for survival.

The industrial revolution was powered by the steam engine. As we enter what is the next industrial revolution, "information" resource scarcity will create winners and losers in all corners of the nation and globe.

Getting Started On Your OWN:
Get Started on Your Own

Core Competencies:

WACommerce Contract Database Platform - Currently pulls in ALL Federal Contracts across the U.S., from www.FBO.Gov and a majority of all contract opportunities in Washington and many from Oregon & Idaho which provides more local opportunities in the Northwest. As we grow with members input on Regional sources WACommerce Platform will eventually provide members with nearly ALL local contract opportunities.

*For businesses looking for opportunities across the U.S. WACommerce can also search federal contracts across the U.S. For opportunities across the U.S. or international assistance we can help with one of our Premium Consultant Services and/or Corporate Partners.

Consulting Services - We have partnered with Government Contractors Association to support our members with a variety of services ranging from guidance on where to find information across the web as a business owner, save time with Do It Yourself "DIY" programs, a very successful software solution called "Government Fast Track Software" which walks the novice or new business owner through the entire process step by step to prepare for, bid and win government contracts and robust enough to provide the seasoned business in the government marketplace with some industry insights to improve their capability of securing repeat business from the government.

Featured Consultant Support

  • Business Profile & Assessment
  • Government Sales & Marketing Training
  • Registration & Certification
  • Government Fast Track Software

Premium Services

  • Advanced Government Sales & Marketing Training
  • First Contract Program
  • Coaching Program
  • Proposal Management
  • Accounting & Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)
  • GSA Schedule Registration & Assistance

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