James Beletz - GSA Schedules Specialist


James Beletz is a Navy veteran and had tours in Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean. He is married to Melody Curtiss, a successful attorney, novelist and a Marine. James recently came to WACommerce as a small business contractor for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) where he supervised the Contract Support Analyst Unit. The Unit he supervised supported GSA Advantage, the online shopping and ordering service created to provide a streamlined, efficient purchasing portal for federal agencies to acquire goods and services needed. As part of his many responsibilities, he assisted customers in navigating through the system of government requirements including compliance with FAR, DFAR, GSA, SAM, DUNS and other reporting and contract requirements. Beletz has been responsible for raising more than $100 million dollars for capital and operational expenditures in the private, public and NGO arenas.

Among his most prized accomplishments was raising $3.5 million for the William M. Factory Small Business Incubator in Tacoma, Washington (which won the Small Business Incubator Award of the National Business Incubator Association) and passage of the Small Business Incubator Act of 2004 in Washington State. As the CEO at Innovial, James assisted small business owners helping them improve their business operations. He worked with them to bring on board appropriate information technologies, with human resource practices, with marketing, and other general services in all areas of business. He worked with businesses on issues government contractors face. These issues included GSA scheduling, and negotiating the set aside mandates at the Small Business Administration. His mission was always to make each business better through addressing problems and recommending solutions. While at Innovial, Beletz worked with many jurisdictions to establish small business incubators.

For example, he was commissioned to perform feasibility and business plans for Senator Frances Berry of the U.S. Virgin Islands and the St. Lucie County, Florida County Commissioners. He testified and trained others including the National Business Incubator Association. During his tenure as Senior Vice President at Innovations In Quality, a Washington based firm, Beletz's worked with corporations like Microsoft, Starbucks, Labinal and Meridian Yachts. These firms quickly recognized his skill sets and hired him. His project management and project evaluation skills include the ability to assess and manage project risk and to apply quality management measures to project designs, reviews and assessments.

In 2011, James was recruited for his expertise and deployed to Afghanistan serving as an Acquisition and Business Specialist handling program management and contract specialist duties for the US Army, Department of Defense and NATO Command. Beletz had oversight over three of the five largest contracts totaling more than $4.3 billion dollars. In the austere environment of Afghanistan, he managed 87 maintenance and training sites for performance while controlling schedules and costs to provide on time deliverables within budget.

For his efforts, he received three civilian medals: from the Secretary of Defense; the Secretary of the Army; and the NATO Command. As one Colonel of the US Marine Corps puts it, "This man's integrity and desire to make the work a better place has served us well. His sensitivity toward the people of Afghanistan made it possible to accomplish critical objectives that many could not handle." Beletz first stepped into the nonprofit realm serving as Executive Director of the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) and as the Dean of the International Workers Compensation College. Beletz built and managed a technology-based organization, identifying strategic partnerships, scanning the horizon for cutting edge relevant technologies, incorporating them into developing programs and leading the technology curve.

James has served on many boards and commissions including the Insurance Data Management Association, the White House Conference on Small Business, a founder of the Washington Association of Small Business Incubators, a member of the Western Washington University Alumni Association and the Foster Parents Association of Washington State. He served as a Full Examiner of the Washington State Quality Award and a Certified Meeting Professional of the Convention Liaison Council.

(1) with nearly every government contract awarded there are subcontracts, and/or supplying products or services

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