Preferred Vendor Support Program

What is a Preferred Vendor?

A preferred vendor is a vendor who has been investigated by a company and approved. When a company needs services, it turns to these vendors first, which means that being on the preferred list can put a business in a powerful position. As a general rule, only really large companies and institutions use preferred vendors, and people must apply to enter their preferred program.

There are several qualities a company looks for in a preferred vendor. Reputation in the industry is certainly important, as are issues such as on time performance, reasonable costs, and high quality of products and services. Vendors also need to be fully licensed, bonded, and insured, as applicable, with ample evidence of certification and experience in the area they specialize in.

Business practices at a vendor may also be important. A company which wants to promote sustainability, for example, will only use vendors with vetted environmental practices and a demonstrated commitment to environmental stewardship. Likewise, a religious company might prefer to use vendors which share its religious beliefs.

WACommerce Preferred Vendor Process is designed to assist business owners with subcontract opportunities. We reach out to Prime Contractors, Subcontractors and Award winners and actively seek opportunities where your company can compete to support a subcontract in your industry. Much of this is done by direct contact with State and National contract holders to secure business for your company and help get your company added to that organizations vendor list - at minimum for the current project...

Preferred Vendor Program (PVP) Qualifications

To qualify for this exclusive program and to be contacted by a Preferred Vendor Specialist you are required to meet the following minimum requirements.


  • A small business with forty employees or less
  • Must be currently certified as an 8(a), HUBzone, SDVOSB, VOB, ED/WOSB, or Section 3
  • Have won less than $100,000 in prime contracts
  • Business has existed minimum of 5-7 years
  • Appropriately bonded & insured
  • Minimum of 1-2 years Past Performance Evaluations (or in the process)

If you meet the above minimum requirements complete the attached application form below and a Program Specialist will contact you back within 48 hrs.

Successful companies in this program will be Vetted / Reviewed to ensure all information submitted is accurate... Once accepted in the (PVP), your Program Manager will actively seek out Award Winning Companies and ascertain if they are in need of subcontract support in your industry and would consider your business to support the current/future contract, your Program Manager will then provide the organization with your company's "Capability Statement" or any other information requested if approved by you the business owner.

*All Fees Paid to WACommerce are for the filing of paperwork and providing vetted information on a client’s behalf, saving the entity time and ensuring accurate filings in an effort to obtain business for client and time spent monitoring awards in your industry and reaching out to Prime Contract winners.

** There is no guarantee that businesses enrolled in this program will secure local, national or regional contracts. Program Managers using "Advanced Government Sales & Marketing Techniques" will provide a good faith effort to obtain business for clients, short of becoming burden for potential contract holders.

Clients in this program will be advised every step of the way before, during and after contact has been made with contract holders and once successful coordinate direct contact between the two parties...

If you do not have an "Accurate Updated Capability Statement" or would like to know more about "Advanced Government Sales & Marketing Training" additional information is available to conduct this time consuming process on your own as well.

Bottom line getting your business on vendor lists for your industry is the ultimate goal!

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