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WACommerce Federal, State and Local Contract List & Bid-Matching Service all from a single website & more...

You can match your company's products or services with daily bid notices that show you what federal, state and the local governments are buying or planning to buy. Our bid-matching service saves you time and money by searching the numerous databases for you! WACommerce provides one of the largest resources for contract opportunities in the region. - Register Today!

Every city, county, and state lists economic development and job creation among its guiding themes, and WACommerce dovetails perfectly with those goals.

Each business day offers thousands of prospects and potential business opportunities. Without a tool like WACommerce, businesses are actively eliminating themselves from consideration for the billions of dollars in contracts that the federal government, local and private sectors award each year.

Click on the "Eye Below" to View the most recent government spending in your area that your company may have the potential of supporting.

Advanced Government Sales & Marketing Training

In this highly competitive marketplace, it's important to set yourself apart from your competitors and work smarter, not harder. Bottom line government agencies don't buy products and services People Do! So Relationship building is still a key component. Research opportunities and understanding the capabilities of your company and your companies image are still key factors. You will learn how to correctly and successfully market your business to all levels of government. You will learn from the basics, to the most successful sales & marketing techniques used today in government marketing.

Assistance with Registrations and Certifications

We can help you through the complex maze of registrations that are required to do business with the government. We can also assist you in the certification process applicable to your business.

Small businesses are the engine for economic growth in America, they Provide jobs, innovation and competition.

Government policy provides "maximum practicable" prime and subcontracting opportunities to small firms through Small Business Set-asides, SDVOB, VOB, WOSB, HubZone, 8(a) to name a few. To see if you qualify contact one of our consultants. If you or your business is already certified as one of the above Set-asides the "First Contract Program" is specifically designed for you!

Establishing your business with the Federal Government

Working with the Federal government is different than State agencies. We help businesses with a Formal Business Assessment (FREE), Government Marketing & Sales Training, Capabilities Statements and Past Performance Verification, Small Works Rosters.

*First Contract Program*

This is a comprehensive program designed to help companies win a Federal Government contract within the first 6-12 months of the program with the support of "Gov Fast Track Software". The software helps reduce the average time for qualifying and winning contracts from 36 months to 12 months and some cases as little as 6 months. For qualified businesses we walk you step by step through the entire process.

*Limited seats are available for qualified businesses - ONLY the first (15) businesses will be excepted in this program for our next session  - "APPLICATION FORM" or contact a consultant for details."Contact Us"


We offer a variety of webinars and monthly workshops on various government contracting subjects. Sessions include: Introduction to Government Contracting, Marketing your Business to the Government, Past Performance Assessment, Teaming & Partnering, System for Award Management, Capability Statements, Selling to the Government: Advanced Successful Strategies, GSA a Business Perspective, Responding to Solicitations, Doing Business with the State of Washington, and many more...

One-on-One Counseling

Our team will work with you to identify appropriate federal, state and local agencies and opportunities, and assist you in developing a government marketing strategy. We will guide you through the complex process of government registrations and assist you in becoming a qualified government contractor.

Proposal Management & Preparation

We'll help you get started with your proposal, we'll review it as it evolves, and we'll recommend ways to make it stronger and more accurate once it's drafted.

Post-Award Assistance

Our team can provide advice and assistance with respect to post-award functions. Understanding contract requirements such as service/product delivery requirements, quality, packaging, invoicing, and reporting are key components to becoming a successful government contractor.

Subcontracting Assistance

We can help identify possible subcontracting opportunities with major prime contractors. Many prime contractors are required to look for small business suppliers to meet their contract requirements; we can help you make that connection. Many opportunities for small businesses start in a teaming or partnering situation to build credibility and experience; we can help with this process. We can assist you with Teaming Agreements.

GSA Schedules

In 2013 more than $45 Billion in goods and services were purchased from GSA multiple awards schedule contractors (this includes $11 Billion from VA multiple award schedule contractors). Our team can provide more information about the GSA schedule program. If it is a good option for your company, we can assist you with the process to become a GSA contractor.

Product and Procurement Histories

We can provide you with a technical description and important procurement information about the history of a particular product that has been assigned a national stock number (NSN).

Assistance with Federal Regulations and Military Specifications

We can provide you with copies of local, state, and federal government regulations, including military specifications (MIL-SPECS) and Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). "Partnership Agreements"

Certified Mediation Services

Mediation is a voluntary, collaborative process in which one or more impartial mediators facilitate the communication between disputing parties in order to resolve the conflict.

Unlike arbitration or litigation, where one side "wins" and the other side "loses", the goal of mediation is to help the disputing parties come to an agreement that satisfies everyone.

WACommerce offers several mediation and facilitation services to address all types of conflict offering innovative, cost-effective methods to settle disputes throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Lean Six Sigma Green & Black Belt Services - Process Improvement & Strategy Management

Lean Six Sigma was originally devised to eliminate waste and improve manufacturing quality to no more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities. But now the method made popular at companies like General Electric Co., Xerox Corp., and Johnson & Johnson - is increasingly finding a home in the services industry. We have seen banks use Lean Six Sigma to support their growth strategy; financial services companies to put mergers back on track; energy companies to lower costs; telecommunications companies to improve customer service; and retailers to increase efficiency while boosting customer service in the store.

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*WACommerce is currently seeking a local source for "Accounting Services" well versed in The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) with a successful track record working with businesses.