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Funding Options for some Businesses

Win a State or Federal Contract? You may or may not have time to make structural changes to your business to adequately support the contract.

Here are seven cash flow options to bring in quick money and give you some room to breathe. However these options have consequences and could drastically impact your business and ability to manage the contract…

Go to the bank—Consider approaching your bankers for a temporary relief from your principal payments. The last thing your bankers want is for you to go under and not be able to pay back the loan at all. You may be surprised at their flexibility, especially if you present a solid plan for moving forward that includes financial projections. (Loan Options)

Sell off inventory and assets—Many businesses have inventory that’s just taking up space. Walk through your office or warehouse to see what’s collecting dust and dump it for a one-time cash infusion, even at a loss. A sunk cost is a sunk cost. Hanging on to it compounds the error. WACommerce has an easy to manage Reverse Auction feature which can assist your business in relief of inventory.

Generate more immediate cash by selling off unused equipment and machinery. Use Internet selling sites or an equipment auctioneer. This may also create surplus floor space you can rent out.

Work with your suppliers—Be upfront about your situation. Can you get extra time to pay your bills? Could you offer partial “good faith” payments? Most suppliers would rather get paid down the line than not at all if your business fails.

Reduce employee hours—You can temporarily cut employee hours if business slows. It increases your odds of keeping everyone on staff instead of losing valuable personnel.

Renegotiate your lease—Ask your landlord to reduce your rent temporarily and let you make up the difference later on. Here again, many landlords would prefer to keep you as a tenant rather than run the risk of having an empty space.

Offer special sales terms for immediate cash—Generate fast cash by offering specials. Think of creative terms to get customers’ attention. For example, offer a generous discount on purchases and, in exchange, ask for part of the bill to be paid right away. You can initially test your offer with select, high-quality customers.

Factoring—Consider selling your accounts receivable to a factoring firm. Such a firm takes your accounts receivable in exchange for immediate cash. Fees can be high—18 to 22% annualized—so this shouldn’t be a long-term solution. But the cash might be available right away to cover a shortfall.

Option One
Traditional Business Options

Option Two
Mobilization Capital

Option Three
Partner with Another Company


Smart cash flow management starts with financial projections. They’re an early warning system that helps you anticipate cash flow peaks and valleys for the coming year.
By doing projections, you give yourself plenty of time to plan the best ways to handle cash flow dips. These might include seeking additional financing, changing the timing of discretionary outlays, cutting expenses, ensuring an adequate cash reserve, or asking suppliers and bankers for some breathing room.
Your projections also allow you to create a performance dashboard, letting you see how you’re doing throughout the year by comparing your projections against actual income and outlays. (See more in Section 3.)

Put an end to Guesswork
Without financial projections, anticipating slow times of the year is just guesswork. If you hit a cash squeeze, you can waste valuable time scrambling to figure out what’s gone wrong and how to fix it. If you need an emergency loan, your banker is likely to be skeptical about taking on the risk and unimpressed by your lack of planning.

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