Who is WACommerce?

WACommerce LLC. We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Consulting Company. We help small to medium sized businesses understand the government marketplace, bid and win government contracts… Our team shares over 47 years of experience in this industry. WACommerce provides the right education, training, tools, market intelligence and coaching to make your success possible.

Through the use of our proprietary Bid-Match Platform, marketing strategies and coaching programs our focus is “Keeping Local Dollars Local” We help clients secure opportunities here in the Northwest and across the US.

WACommerce Bid-Match Platform– is your proprietary leads resource for Federal, State and Local contracts, subcontracts and Direct Sales Opportunities. We source federal, state as well private contracts not publically known to our members. Receive notification daily through email and opportunities are saved on your dashboard…  Through your member dashboard, Search for & Communicate with other companies on the platform to partner and secure contracts, create subcontracts and job vacancies in your company, using the Reverse Auction or Direct Buy feature offer surplus, overstock items and other products directly to members, great for suppliers and many vendors, you can even search for skilled employees through the system.  Register Today @ WACommerce.com


Business Development Tools
Our training & coaching materials have either been developed in house from our teams experience or developed in partnership with the Government Contractors Association and have made our clients success possible. WACommerce utilizes an Advanced Market Intelligence & Research to ensure our clients maintain a competitive advantage when ever possible.

Our consultants have the ability to utilize proven recourses & tools to help our clients succeed on a variety of levels.

We have established (3) major catagories best suited to assist our clients.

BEGINNERS               APPRENTICE               SEASONED              

VISION: Our Vision is about creating opportunity to a targeted area of service for commercial companies into the government sectors.  It is a twofold Mission: “Connecting Business with Government Agencies and connecting those Agencies with Business.”

MISSION: Educate – Facilitate- Advocate. Our focus is to “Keep Local Dollars Local” by growing & attracting Businesses to engage Washington based companies. Our Why, after watching millions of dollars awarded to out of state companiesis we want to keep local dollars local whenever possible while increasing your network locally and eventually nationally if you desire to do so.

WE HAVE  7 - PILLARS OF SUPPORT: Pillars are created in any great structure to create protection; our pillars are what supports our Why. (Mission) Being committed, consistent and collaborating builds local economies. Local stability creates sustainability nationally.

1.) Education AsTrainers & Educators we believe in a CRAWL, WALK and RUN philosophy.

We provide the following Resources.

  • FREE Business Analysis + Guidance & Best Industry Practices
  • Educational curriculums.
  • Certification / Registration Training programs. (Guaranteed)
  • Self-Paced Programs / Do-It-Yourself Marketing ( Must be autonomous /self starter for success)

2.) WACommerce Consulting.

As Consultants, we believe in a Review, Plan, Do and Review process. This approach is to create sustainable success. Systems and Processes are essential to your program.

  • Certification / Registration Programs Government Fast Track Software Solution – This is a cloud based program that will walk users through the entire process step-by-step preparing your business, bidding and how to win those contracts.
  • First Contract Program & Premium Consulting Services
  • Seminars & Training: Courses to equip our members.
  • E-Learning and Webinars: Online and distance learning tools.
  • Other support & marketing solutions to help you business grow.

3.) Expansion / Vision of Service Creation – 2016 & beyond.

  • Government Grant Search & Training Program
  • eCommerce Solutions Certified Government Vendor Approved - GovCart – providing our members with the ability to sell products, inventory and more across the platform.
  • Association & Affiliate programs bring added value to our members
  • Certified Federal Contractor™: When a company is CFC Certified™, they have undergone intense training and have met required guidelines. (2017)
  • Mobile APP which will enhance the WACommerce member experience
  • ChamberPower – Program designed to help support local communities thru their local Chambers of Commerce.

4.) Facilitate.

We foster networking groups, alliance groups, THROUGH COLLABORATIVE opportunities. We encourage joint venture formations and mentoring protégé relationships. Work towards contracting relationships between the private and public sectors.

5.) Marketing. (Channels)

  • Social media.
  • Monthly meetings.
  • Business Afterhours Networking.
  • Annual conferences
  • Informative Newsletter

6.) Advocacy.

We will promote, inform and lobby for supportive legislature to enhance and open doors for greater opportunities that will be transparent allowing us to be accountable to our members needs.

7.) Accountability.

We believe in feedback to maintain sustainable growth. We will maintain open lines of communication with surveys and suggestion lines open to our members to create better systems and processes.

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If you have any feedback on how we can make our new website better please do contact us. We would like to hear from you.